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Anna gives her perspective on team building at a young age and its discontents. A lesson that not all team building activities are necessarily advantageous.

The writer’s early travails in team building were probably like this (Photo by Mark McGregor on Unsplash)

I recently wrote an article about the advantages and disadvantages of team building exercises for our website.

Of course, since we are a company which organizes team building events I have done a lot of research and created content about how great and important team building is. …

Making sustainable goals relevant

Will oat milk save the world?

Hello! My name is Anna and I am a team member of Invite Japan/Nazobako. Recently our company has been trying to integrate the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals from the United Nations) into a program we are working on for school kids in Yokohama. Since we are an international team, our CEO, Yamada-san, gave us all homework to research what our respective home countries or cities are doing to support SDGs.

While I was researching, I was inspired to ask myself: What can I do in the situation I am living in to help SDGs along? SDGs are seen like these…

Lessons from a year of working from home, and a look forward to the future

In the following post, Chloé recounts her observations about the year that has passed, her observations about remote working during a pandemic, leaving enough room for some hope for the year to come.

March 30th 2021 - “Hey Google, show me pictures from one year ago”

The first picture Google shows is a selfie dated from 24th of March 2020, in which I wear no mask and I am standing inside our previous escape room. At the time, I remember only wearing a mask inside the train “just in case” and telling myself that the situation would get better after some time. I do not think I would ever have expected what happened…

Staff member Anna will discuss her experiences with the various sakura- flavored products that are a well-worn tradition of the spring season.

Cherry blossoms are an integral part of Japanese culture. Every spring the whole nation it seems is out and about, sitting down in the parks for picnics, and enjoying the fleeting beauty of the pale pink blossoms.

Japan is also big on limited edition, seasonal foods and drinks. Trying new and unusual foods and flavors is practically my hobby, which makes Japan a great country to live in, since you can find at least one crazy limited edition snack at your local convenience store any given time.

Before having visited Japan for the first time I used to believe that…

A continuing story about working for a multilingual puzzle-making company in Tokyo

Hello! My name is Ayaka and here I talk about my experiences as a new employee at a team building and puzzle creation company in Tokyo. Today I’ll be telling you about one of our most popular services nowadays, “online team building”.

First of all, what is “online team building?”

As you may or may not know, our company used to run an escape game facility in Asakusa. This was the central component of our team building service for many years. With the current pandemic situation, that business model was no longer feasible. …

By Chloé

One of the great things about our company is that we all come from different backgrounds and countries. We all have different opinions and ways of thinking and doing things. Especially since most of us are not Japanese natives, we also have to confront the cultural differences of the country we live in as well as those of our teammates.

As a French person, I grew up in a pretty multicultural environment but never had to adapt my own way of life to it. What I mean by this is that France is home to many different groups…

A continuing story about working for a multilingual puzzle-making company in Tokyo

Me getting my life playing “The Suitcase Mystery”

Hi everyone!

My name is Ayaka, and I joined Invite Japan, a puzzle-making company in February.

This is the second blog post about my adventures joining the puzzle-making company as a new employee, and as a real beginner when it comes to most of this.

Actually, I do have a little experience. A few years ago I searched “escape game” on my smartphone. I downloaded the apps that came up in the result, clearing and deleting them, one after the other, so that it became this never-ending hobby for me. …

A continuing story about working for a multilingual puzzle-making company in Tokyo

Hey everyone!

My name is Ayaka and I joined Invite Japan in February.

I’m starting this blog as a way to talk about my experiences as a new employee in the company. Through talking about these discoveries, I hope to introduce Invite Japan, a puzzle-making company, to all of you in a more casual way, and tell you about the awesome things we are doing.

The first thing I did once I officially joined at the beginning of February was to meet with all of my new colleagues one-on-one and get to know them. Sounds a bit scary now when…

Invite Japan

Invite Japan is a company specializes in giving the best team building services in Tokyo, Japan.

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